ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter Review

ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter Review


The ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter has a zero turning radius, which means it can be operated in a very tight space. It comprises of double balancing system that helps the user maintain balance at all times. This two wheels mini scooter is easy to learn and use. Its robust body makes it highly durable and the anti-slip foot grip ensure the user does not slip when handling the machine. Its body is made of metal and the tires are of solid rubber. The rubber protects the wheels ensuring no fat tires, and no scratches on your hardwood floors in case you use this device indoors. It weighs approximately 29lbs making it very portable. This product comes with a 100-240v AC charger with US plugs and a user’s manual.

The ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter is available online. For an additional sum, buyers can purchase a Square Trade 2-year bike/scooter protection plan. A Noza Tec durable Two Wheel Self balancing smart drifting electric unicycle scooter carrying bag is also available for an additional price.

Specifications and Features

The ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter is made of Alloy metal and is inclusive of a Samsung high capacity 110Wh lithium battery. The battery takes one hour to charge from zero to 100%. When fully charged, this device can operate for 5-6 hours before dying out. This gives the user approximately 15-20 km range per charge.

The scooter comprises of 2 pressure sensitive high-power 375*2 watt motors placed underneath the foot panels. The motors connect with a single axle placed across the scooters flame. When you want to move forward, the user simple applies pressure on both footpads to engage the motor. The motor cannot run if pressure is applied to only one footpad. To increase speed, press your toes forward and the scooter automatically picks up the pace.

Due to its high power motors, turning is relatively easy. The user simply needs to think of the act and the scooter complies. It captures the simplest of instructions from the tiniest changes in the user’s movements. To reduce speed, the user simply applies pressure on the heel of his/her foot. To stop the scooter, the user needs to press the heels down to slow down and eventually come to a halt. The scooter is fast for a battery operated device and can go up to a maximum of approximately 13-15mph.

The Good

  • Due to its Smart motor, the device is programmed to slow down when going downhill for the safety of the user. It automatically reduces speed instead of adding ensuring a smooth downhill drive
  • Its anti-slippery pads provide added protection ensuring the user does not slip and fall. This makes the device safe for both children and adults
  • It’s 29lbs weight makes this scooter very easy to carry
  • The Samsung high capacity battery gives the user lots of mile coverage before recharging the device
  • The 100-240v AC charger with US plugs ensures you can plug the device to recharge in any local plug without the need of a Voltage adapter
  • The solid rubber tires protect the wheels from getting a flat tire
  • It is very easy to use
  • Fun for all ages
  • Quick delivery time and great customer service from the suppliers

The Bad

  • Difficult for some users to maintain balance
  • Difficult to get the scooter to turn without falling over
  • Does not drive through rough ground (gravel, Grass)
  • The wheel covers and the surrounding areas are easily scratched due to bumping into things
  • Easy breakage if accidentally dropped
  • Some users have had difficulties charging the device due to a manufacturer’s error of neglecting to connect the charging port to the motherboard

The Verdict

We highly recommend this scooter based on our time using it for our review. Once the user has a grasp of how to operate the device, it is very easy to use and a lot of fun! The whole family can enjoy riding it in the park, on local streets and surrounding neighborhoods. It is a great device to use to commute to and from school or work as long as it is fully charged each morning. However, the user needs to keep in mind not to use it on rough roads (especially on gravel) because it can damage the device. Purchase this product and enjoy unlimited fun for the whole family.

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ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter
  • 8.5/10
    Build Quality - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Features - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Value for Money - 9/10

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