A Guide on Learning How to Ride a Hoverboard


A Guide on Learning How to Ride a Hoverboard

Hoverboards are cool devices, and it’s not just about acquiring them. Knowing how to ride is another important milestone. It may take time to gather courage to step on the hoverboard with both feet; but learning to ride a hoverboard can take as little as five minutes.

Getting on the Hoverboard

Before starting the ride, ensure that your hoverboard is fully charged. Then, turn on the board and place it in front of your toes.

The third step is to enable the beginner mode if yours has such a feature. Some even have a remote control for governing these functions.

Where Should the Lights Face?

The hoverboard has no front or back side. You can choose to place the lights on the back or leave them at the front. There is no right way to this, and you can ride according to your preference. Some however suggest keeping the lights at the back as a warning signal for those behind you.

The Actual Ride

You need to place one foot on the hoverboard first. You can try the right or left foot depending on which one is comfortable. Position the foot as close as possible to the wheel. The feet also need to be wide apart to make the riding easy.

Once one foot is on the hoverboard, place the other one on it. Do not hesitate or overthink this because you may end up falling.

In addition, try to keep the board flat.It is okay to wobble back and forth as you try to ease the tension during the first attempts. All the same, focus ahead and relax. While at it, avoid looking down and try to relax.

Start on a Straight Line

Before moving, envision where you want to go. Lean in the direction you want to move, and do not do more than that. The leaning involves a slight shift forward because leaning too much may result in a fall.

Going in a straight line or forward is the best move to start with.

Making the Turns

The second move you can attempt is making a turn. You need to start with a slight turn. This turn comes naturally, and you can turn through twisting forward the foot opposite your turning direction. If you want to turn right, for example, push forward your left foot.

Once you become a master of slight turns, you can try sharp ones too. Sharp turns require not only pushing forward your opposite foot, but also moving back the other foot.

The Reverse Move

The best way to practice with a hoverboard is to do laps until you are comfortable with your movements. Once you feel confident enough, you can do laps in different directions.

How to Get Off the Board

Another important lesson is stepping off the hoverboard. You need to lean on your dominant foot to support your weight. Then get off with your other foot. As much as possible, avoid jumping off the board.The controlled dismount prevents injury and scratching the hover board.

The dismounting process is often a challenge and takes time to master. You may have to do several dismounts to feel comfortable with this.


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